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We are a worldwide society of collectors who share a passion for the preservation of antique phonographs, gramophones and records
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The Grammy Awards are named after the gramophone, the full name of the very first disc-playing phonograph.
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CURRENT APS MEMBERS ALSO ENJOY The Antique Phonograph which is the foremost journal devoted exclusively to antique phonographs, gramophones, records and recording artists. It is where original research and the newest discoveries are published.

Welcome to the Antique Phonograph Society

magazine_12We are a worldwide society of collectors who share a passion for the preservation of antique phonographs and records. We provide a quarterly journal called The Antique Phonograph (formerly known as The Sound Box). The Antique Phonograph is full color, 52 pages in length, and contains in-depth articles related to all facets of our hobby. All types of talking machines from around the world are represented in The Antique Phonograph, including Edison, Victor, Columbia, Brunswick, Sonora, Berliner, Zonophone, and rare smaller brands of disc and cylinder models. Early records and recording artists are occasionally featured, including historic photos, documents, and images of surviving artifacts. All members of The Antique Phonograph Society are encouraged to contribute original material for inclusion in our journal. With the merger of the Antique Phonograph Society and the Michigan Antique Phonograph Society, The Antique Phonograph now contains content material from the MAPS long-time publication, In the Groove.

Latest Articles

Edison C250/C19 Database; Production Est...

Click on the links below for detailed data on the classic Edison “Chippendale” Disc Phonograph (C 250/ C 19). This…
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“Off Brand” Talking Machines...

In his book, The Fabulous Phonograph, Roland Gelatt states that in 1919 there were nearly 200 phonograph manufacturers…
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Edison Standard Patent Plate Notes

EDISON STANDARD PATENT PLATE NOTES by Martin Kauper Over the last few years I’ve noted different types of patent plates used on different models of the Edison Standard. Configurations of…
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