The Antique Phonograph Society is a nonprofit corporation formed under the laws of State of Washington to provide charitable programs including, but not limited to:

(a) Conducting research with respect to the preservation of recorded sound and providing scholarly information, services and entertainment to persons interested in collecting and preserving antique phonographs and other mechanical music-making devices, including but not limited to cylinder and disc records;

(b) Encouraging newcomers to follow museum-quality preservation and authentic restoration standards when restoring these items; and

(c) Educating the public regarding the history and care of these machines and records so that future generations may learn and enjoy this early form of recorded sound.


The Antique Phonograph Society is governed by a Board of Directors, who elects the officers of the Society on an annual basis. APS also has a Board of Advisors in place, to oversee the Board of Directors.

The Antique Phonograph Society Certificate of Incorporation, Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws are available at any time upon reasonable request. They may also be viewed by clicking on these links.

In August, 2014, the Antique Phonograph Society filed an Application for Recognition of Exemption under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The IRS application was approved 04 September 2014 and the approval letter may be viewed via the associated link. IRS Exemption Letter