13 SepSaturday2014
Grayslake, Illinois
Grayslake, Illinois

The Grayslake, Il Antique Market presented an accent on antique phonographs September 13th & 14th. Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana members displayed and sold at the show. Tim Zurko, the promoter, offered free tables to vendors showing phonographs and records. A display table promoted APS and WIMAPS phonograph societies. This was a great opportunity to promote the phonograph and record hobby. Robin Rolfs and Scott Malawski gave a presentation featuring collecting phonograph and records on Saturday. The seminar was very well attended by new collectors and a presentation is planned for both Saturday and Sunday for the 2015 show.
All vendors sold well to the general public and the show was “fun”. Everyone had a great time sharing their knowledge of phonographs and helping new collectors and answering questions. The promoter, Tim Zurko, wrote the following: “We had a lot of compliments about the phonographs this past weekend and look forward to an Accent On Phonographs for September of 2015”. Our hope is that more APS members join the show next year as the tables are complimentary to APS & WIMAPS members to promote the APS society and our hobby.

Reported by Robin & Joan Rolfs