09 JunFriday2017
Union, IL

Antique Phonograph Society Presentation
Press Release

The country’s largest antique phonograph show and sale is taking place in Union, Illinois from June 9 – June 11. For over 40 years, the Annual Phonograph and Music Box Show and Sale has attracted enthusiasts who collect antique phonographs, music boxes, records, phonograph advertising and early technology. Thousands of collectors and exhibitors from all over the world attend.

The Antique Phonograph Society (APS) has scheduled a triple-bill program of presentations that are free to the public and collectors. The program is scheduled for Friday afternoon, June 9th at 5:00 pm in the Wild West meeting room adjacent to the show and sale area. Early buyers, vendors, collectors and the public are encouraged to attend.

Featured speakers are Don Gfell who lives in Milan, Ohio, the birthplace of Thomas Edison. Mr. Gfell describes the project he spearheaded to design and build a statue of the famed “Wizard of Menlo Park.” The recently completed sculpture was installed in the National Statuary Hall in Washington, DC. In his presentation, Mr. Gfell describes the statue’s recent journey to the nation’s capital, which included a visit to Milan along the way.

The second presentation, “All About Decals,” explains how accurate and exact reproduction decals are created as well as the best techniques to apply them. Longstanding collector, exhibitor, and APS member Gregg Cline will share the skills he has honed over the years.

The program will conclude by reviving one of the more successful phonograph marketing gimmicks. Rod Pickett and Tim Fizer show how they recreate and record on the napkin ring cylinders that helped promote the phonograph at the 1904 St. Louis Exposition and the 1905 Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition. Rod and Tim use these new napkin rings to educate school groups about the phonograph and to attract the next generation of collectors. It worked in 1904, and attendees will see how it works today!

Location: 8512 South Union Road, Union, Illinois 60180
For more information: Annual Phonograph and Music Box Sale: www.DonleyAuctions.com
Antique Phonograph Society: https://www.antiquephono.org/events/42nd-annual-phonograph-music-box-show-union-illinois/