13 JunFriday2014
Donley's Wild West Village
Union, Illinois

At 5:00PM on Friday, June 13 at the annual Union Illinois Phonograph Show, The Antique Phonograph Society sponsored an educational presentation by well-known collector (and Chicago denizen) George Glastris.

In 1914 poet Carl Sandburg described Chicago as “Hog Butcher for the World, Tool Maker, Stacker of Wheat”, he could have added, “Winders of Phonographs”.

Most collectors think of Orange, Camden, and Bridgeport as the centers of the Talking Machine industry. However, Chicago was in many ways more important than any other city in the introduction, spread, development, and popularization of the phonograph. This talk showed how Chicago became a critical hub for the phonograph in its years of popularity. From early entrepreneurs and inventors like Leon Douglass, Edward Amet, and Henry Babson, Merchant Princes like Montgomery Ward, to the sales innovators O’Neil and James, Chicago was truly the City That Got Things Done.

In addition, Mark Ulano hosted a 25th Anniversary screening of his 1989 video on antique phonographs and their collectors, “Talking Furniture.” This entertaining look at our hobby was enjoyed by over 100 attendees who gathered in the theatre for the presentations. Mark informs us that this production, originally available as a VHS tape, will soon be available on DVD.