04 OctSaturday2014

GSPS Society Report
by President Scott Corbett

October’s meeting was a ‘first time’ treat for our club. We met at the home of Manny and Rosemarie Perez. Their beautiful home was perfect for entertaining. The phonograph room (which spilled into the hall) was packed with goodies. Manny has more of the early Edison Amberola line than anyone else I know. Few collectors could list all the different models available (14 models prior to the 1914 factory fire in December 1914 which destroyed the cylinder portion of the phonograph works and ended production of many of the early Amberola line). I believe that these are underrated machines and while not all rare, they are scarce! Manny’s favorite was a rare Amberola III. They generously supplied our lunch as well. Elections for 2015 were held and Marc Capralis will serve as president, with Nestor being our next vice president or president of vice!

In my last president’s message reviewing the APS show, I failed to mention John Levin’s presentation which followed Tim. His topic on how to best retrieve sound from cylinders was well researched and well prepared. This was discussed at the last GSPS meeting and our membership found it to be very interesting. Up next, the annual GSPS Christmas party at the Corbett house on Saturday December 6th.