12 AprSunday2015

Reported by Richard Buck

HAPS had its spring meeting Sunday April 12 in Frankfort. We had a good showing compared to recent meetings. We had lunch at Arni’s. Steve Levi picked up the bill. After lunch Steve the gracious host had us over to his place where we toured his collection. I regret I didn’t take more pictures of his collection (see attached picture).

Nancy Hart attended in addition to our members. Nancy is the Executive Director of the Clinton County Historical Society and Museum. She is interested in obtaining an Edison cylinder phonograph. If anyone is interested in donating one, please contact her at (765)659-2030.

NY Times Article on Rolfs and their Doll Cylinders

http://www.nytimes.com/2015/05/05/science/thomas-edison-talking-dolls-recordings.html?emc=eta1&_r=0. This is a NY Times article on the Rolfs, their 1890 doll cylinders and the new digital technology (Irene). There is also a short segment about finding some Woodie Guthrie jams.

Union Talks

As most of you know already, The Union phonograph show will be held Friday through Sunday, June 12-14. The APS will be hosting what I expect to be two outstanding talks Friday evening. The talks are free (don’t even have to be an early buyer) but the nice buffet Donleys offer is not.

Most people consider Shawn O’Rourke the expert on coin op phonographs. He will talk about the historical origin, evolution and mechanics of the coin op. Not being very mechanical, it will be great to have him there to answer questions.

John Levin is a well-known early cylinder recording collector. While he will be talking a little about his electric cylinder player (CPS1—cylinder playback system), he will be primarily deal with his research that led up to this development of the new player—comparison of various cylinder reproducers in regard to size/shape, weight, pressure and frequency response. I heard him talk at the APS last August and consider it one of the best phonograph related talks I’ve attended.