27 SepSunday2015

HAPS Meeting & Grayslake Report

By Richard Buck


Grayslake Antique and Phonograph show was held September 12-13. There were perhaps 10-12 phonograph and record vendors with hundreds of antique vendors. As always, I had a great time. John Hauger gave a talk on the music of WWI, playing 78s and cylinders on period phonographs. Saturday evening 15 or 16 of us had dinner at Jimmy’s, a steakhouse.



HAPS2Sept. HAPS Meeting

Last Sunday, September 27th we held the second 2015 HAPS meeting in La Porte. There were six or seven people in attendance. We first had lunch at Round the Clock and then reconvened at Tim Fizer’s house where we toured his collection followed by refreshments. Tim has an extremely nice collection weighted towards Columbia. It has grown and members were impressed with Tim’s restoration abilities.

HAPS1 Tim with new record display
Tim with new record display.

Upcoming Events

1. Donley phonograph auction October 17 at Union, IL.

2. November 19-21, 2015. Stantons fall phonograph auction in Charlotte, MI.

3. 2016 Orlando Phonograph Show. January 22-23, 2016.

4. Wayne phonograph Show April 10, 2016

The members of HAPS thank Tim for hosting the fall HAPS meeting.