28 AugSunday2016

Inspired by the first home entertainment system, La Victrola is a 35-foot tall interactive art piece celebrating the history of musical performance, recording and art. A community art build, La Victrola is under construction at American Steel studios in Oakland, and will be unveiled for the first time at Burning Man, 2016.



On a playa saturated by electronic music and digital technology, La Victrola will provide a musical counterpoint, presenting live and recorded music from a by-gone era of speakeasies, vaudeville, blues, jazz, country, classical, opera and bluegrass.


At full construction, la Victrola’s horn will reach 35 feet high, weighing approximately 3,500 lbs.


La Victrola’s look and feel will draw specifically from the Art Nouveau movement (1890s-1910). Period design motifs, fixtures, and details will cover the piece.



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