08 MarSaturday2014

WIMAPS March 8, 2014 Meeting Report
By Joan Rolfs

The Wisconsin Illinois Antique Musical Phonograph Society met at the 25th Tribute to Bix on March 8, 2014. This is a 4-day jazz festival held at Racine, Wisconsin each year as a tribute to Bix Beiderbecke, a great jazz cornet player.

A record sale is held during the festival and WIMAPS members attended the record show and held a business meeting.

recordcollectorsNipperatBixfestJoan Rolfs reported on printing WIMAPS T-shirts & sweat shirts by special order only. The order form was in the February/March issue of the Badger Talking Machine newsletter and a reminder will be sent to all members via e-mail to have their orders in by April 15, 2014.

Margaret Bisberg was voted by all to be WIMAPS first woman president for 2014-15.

Bob Coon gave an update on membership and we have 77 WIMAPS members as of March 2014. We are very pleased with the renewals. Fran Pierce stated that members appreciated the 2014-15 Sonora membership certificates.

Upcoming meetings were discussed with our July meeting to be held at the home of Jeff and Laurie Longhurst during the July 4th weekend. Details will be printed in the Badger Talking Machine Newsletter.

Upcoming events were discussed and members are looking forward to the Bunny Berigan Jazz Jubilee May 16-18 held in Fox Lake, WI. Of course the Union Phonograph Show June 13-15 is on everyone’s list as well.