31 AugSunday2014

August 31, 2014 Massachusetts Old Colony Antique Phonograph Society
by Ron Roscoe, Secretary

The Sunday August 31, 2014 MOCAPS meeting was hosted by Mark Vess at the Museum of Antiquated Technology in Hanson, MA http://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/regionals/south/2014/01/26/quirky-museums-abound-bay-state/va5dgeSOL5y6VPnCvyQluL/story.html

After a wonderful meal provided largely by our hosts as well as MOCAPS members, we toured Mark’s museum and then had our meeting. This August meeting was one of our meetings held in a place where we could advertise it to members of the public. About 6-8 folks visited us!

Ron Roscoe talked briefly about his visit to the APS convention and showed photos of the Collaro Art model [The Pye Black Box] mono phonograph that he saw at the flea market of the Mid-Atlantic Antique Radio Club’s [MAARC] annual conference in Timonium, MD in June 2014. There was a feature article on this beautiful 1953 phonograph in the summer 2014 issue of “For the Record”, the quarterly Journal of The City of London Phonograph and Gramophone Society. The beautiful phonograph with lacquered finish and Chinese Art scenes was asking $700, too expensive for Ron!

Presentations were given by the following members. Bruce Young first demonstrated his Columbia AH 2nd style 1904 disc machine, which has a magnificent case! He played “King of Rags” by A. Pryor on a Victor Record.
Next, Bruce demonstrated his VTLA 1st model, made only in October, November and December of 1906, which he had moved to the Museum from his home! This is an “L-door” VTLA in a Pooley cabinet with a “strange backwards adjusting” lid prop. He played “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”, a Standard record [A586] from 1908 made by Harvey Hindermeyer. This record has both verses of the famous song!
Ron Roscoe demonstrated his Columbia BG [Sovereign] cylinder machine with the 6” mandrel for the rare 6”, 3 minute cylinders that were a failure in the marketplace. This machine has a beautiful mahogany case. Ron played “I’m On My Way to Reno” by Billy Murray, Edison Black Wax 10405. Ron also demonstrated his favorite electrical portable disc player, the Capitol Records model U-14. This amazing little box has both wind-up and AC electric motors, and an amplifier that can run from the AC or DC mains, or batteries. To run the player on DC current, used in parts of Boston until the 1950’s, one used the spring motor and the AC-DC amplifier! The phono uses a crystal pickup and will deliver 1 watt maximum to the 4×6” speaker using AC or DC, and 120 milliwatts on battery. It has both AC and battery tubes in it!
Ron L’Herault demonstrated his beautiful Victor 3 with brass horn and 10” steel turntable with a 2- spring motor. Ron demonstrated the sound with both “Exhibition” and #4 reproducers. When Ron Roscoe gave Ron L’Herault an electrical recording [Tommy Dorsey] to try with the #4 reproducer, we were all amazed at the sound that poured forth from that phonograph. It was absolutely, positively, well, Orthophonic!!! Apparently the #4 was designed to let folks play electrical recordings as well as acousticals on their non-orthophonic machines.

Bill Shenette demonstrated his Edison Standard “B” model.

Kirk Bauer showed us a Phoenix brand Edison 5” “Concert” cylinder; “Old Time Rag” [006], and a reproduction Concert cylinder “Ja-Da” by Arthur Collins; a Wizard record.