01 NovSaturday2014

Old West Antique Phonograph Society
By Art Heller, President

The November meeting of OWAPS was held at Jere DeBacker’s place and we had the usual good turnout.

Jere is also a member of the Musical Box Society International and concentrates on restoration of antique player pianos. Since we all are interested in all forms of mechanical music we asked that he impart some of his knowledge of player mechanisms.

Jere took apart one of his player pianos for us and explained the arcane mechanical as well as electrical workings of these complicated machines. Do you think Ross Perot was referring to player pianos when he described the “giant sucking sound” in his last bid for the presidency?
Jere’s electrically driven Credenza remained a hit with the sound buffs. The wonderful sound of a meticulously restored Credenza always amazes us.
Our next meeting in Denver will be in January.