17 MaySaturday2014

By Stan Stanford

The Spring OTAPS meeting was at the home of Bob and Cay Thomsen in Vancouver, Washington on May 17, 2014. Members were treated to the sight of Bob’s wonderful talking machines including the unique polyphone featured in the March issue of The Antique Phonograph. If you haven’t read that article, please do so. Great stuff is still out there and ready to be discovered.


Great weather, great food and a spirited swap session highlighted the day attended by nearly 30 members of the Oregon Territory Antique Phonograph Society. The next OTAPS meeting will be in Seattle at the home of Larry and Myra Karp on July 19.
On May 18 following the Thomsen meeting, OTAPS members joined with the Rose City Collector’s Market in Portland for their monthly show. This is the first time OTAPS has participated in their Antique Show. Thirteen phonograph and record dealers from OTAPS had one or more tables at the event and everyone sold items. OTAPS members felt the event was so successful that we hope to participate once a year in May. Join us May, 2015 for the joint OTAPS/Rose City Collectors Market Show. It is the only Phonograph Show in the Northwest.