23 NovThursday2017

OTAPS Report by Stan Stanford

As I reflect on our meetings in 2017, I want to thank all those who hosted and helped during this year. Our last meeting in Manzanita at the home of Dan and Robert was spectacular. Attendance included members from Oregon, Washington and British Columbia, and we were supplied with wonderful food, phonograph viewing and sales. Russie and Nick gave us two great presentations and Dan introduced us to his opera house phonograph and his painting of Caruso. And thanks Dan, for all those door prizes!! We enjoyed a beautiful home on a pretty day on the north coast. Thanks to Dan and Robert.

I have been busy organizing our next meetings. You will see a summary below. Our first meeting for 2018 will be in March and hosted by Bob and Cay in Vancouver, WA. It will be followed a day later by our annual Rose City Market/OTAPS Phonograph Show. This year the Show will be at Portland Meadows right off Interstate 5 not far from the Columbia River. Yes, that is the horse racing track, but we will be set up inside, not in the mud. There will not be a race that day, except to see who can get set up first. We will be able to load in the evening before. If we have a few dollars left in the OTAPS Treasury, we hope to subsidize the table cost for the event.

And now for the big news and only news left for 2017… We will have our annual Holiday Open House on Friday, December 29 from 1-5PM. This year Suzann and Stan will host it in Portland. Suzann will have a wonderful hearty soup and bread and expect cookies and other goodies too. Please bring items for sale/trade. Please RSVP to me: stan@clarphon.com or Phone: 971-570-6649. And finally…Your dues of $7 for 2018 are due. Send to our treasurer Dan Melvin or bring them to the Holiday Open House.