23 AprSunday2017

April 23, 2017 Meeting Report
by Scott Malawski

Our most recent meeting was held on April 23 at member Carl’s warehouse property in Madison, WI. Members were invited to sell their phonograph – related items in conjunction with the Wisconsin Antique Radio club for a small fee of $10/table. The swap meet opened for business at 8:30 AM and several WIMAPS members brought their items for sale. The show was fun and the weather was a perfect 70-dregee, sunny day. After the sale ended, members gathered for the meeting.

The meeting was brief, but the main points were looking for volunteers to host the remaining 3 meetings for 2017. Rob and Joan will host the annual July meeting at their home near Appleton, WI on July 2. President Margaret then mentioned the variety of upcoming phonograph events such as the May Stanton’s Auction, the June Union Show, the July Donley Auction, and the September Gray’s Lake Antique Show. These show details and more will be in your next Badger Talking Machine Newsletter. Members are invited to sell their phonograph-related items as the Gray’s Lake Show sale free! All members of WIMAPS & APS are invited to display and sell their items at the September 9-10 “Accent On Phonographs”. The Union Show APS program will be held Friday, June 9th at 5:00 p.m. The program will feature Gregg Cline discussing decals, Don Gfell will inform everyone that a statue of Thomas Edison is in the US Capitol representing the state Ohio and Rod Pickett and Tim Fizer give a demonstration of the new napkin rings to educate school groups about the phonograph and to attract the next generation of collectors.

Members extended a warm thank you to our webmaster Jim for managing the club’s website. The meeting was then adjourned and members traveled to the home of members Scott and Lisa.

Members got to see an interesting variety of phonographs and other early technology. The highlight of the visit was seeing a 1929 Western Visionette mechanical television in operation. Members were enchanted by the crude pictures displayed by the first commercial television manufactured in this country.

Thank you to Carl, Scott and Lisa for a fun-filled day!