20 AugSunday2017

August 20, 2017 WIMAPS Meeting
by Scott Malawski

Our most recent meeting, hosted by member Carl, was held on Sunday, August20, at his warehouse facility in Madison, WI.

The day began with a radio sale and swap meet at 8:30 AM. There were early radios, tubes, parts and early technology.

We would like to thank the Early Talking Machine Club of Chicago for renewing their member’s dues for 2018 – 2019. We have 89 current members.

As a reminder, the Grayslake Antiques Show – An Accent on Antique Phonographs will be held on September 10 -11, where members of APS are allowed free tables to sell their phonograph items.

Editors, Joan and Robin opened up new business discussion with the club producing t-shirts and sweatshirts with our logo. Members agreed to have between 4 – 6 color choices available and members will be able to pre-order their items via instructions from the next Badger Talking Machine newsletter.

Our next meeting will be at the home of Dave and Dione in Milwaukee. Of interest is their home is the most automated home in Wisconsin and was built in the 1930s. Members will be able to dine at the Harley Davidson Museum restaurant after the meeting. Meetings proposed for next year include a visit to members Todd and Marline, in Mokena, IL, with other meetings still to be decided. We always welcome members to step up and host a meeting.

After the meeting concluded, we all went to an Indian buffet restaurant for some great food and conversation. What a great way to end the day!