28 AugSunday2016
Madison, Wisconsin

August 28, 2016 WIMAPS Report
By Scott Malawski

Our most recent meeting, hosted by member Carl Zimm, was held on Sunday, August 28th, at his warehouse facility in Madison, WI.

The fun-filled day started out with a radio sale and swap meet, which began at 8:30 AM. There were some neat early radios, tubes, parts and other pieces of early technology. As the radio meet wound down, around 11:00 AM, our group then began setting up our phonograph flea market.

WIMAPS Flea Market

At our meeting President Margaret introduced guests and welcomed new members to our WIMAPS. Members thanked our host for the grand day in Madison. Our fall meeting will be held Saturday, October 22 in the town of Grafton, WI, home of Paramount records. In December we will have a holiday party at the Illinois home of the Wolf’s. The pot-luck luncheon was enjoyed by all as they talked phonographs and records. We have 87 WIMAPS members that enjoy the hobby and we had a record turn-out of members for the August meeting.

WIMAPS Meeting WIMAPS Entertaiment

Members were reminded to attend the Grayslake Antique Market on September 10th and 11th. Everyone appreciates the free tables to promote the National APS and WIMAPS societies.

After the meeting, members then got to enjoy the flea market where many sales were made and lots of great conversations were had.