06 MarSunday2016

March 6, 2016 WIMAPS Report
by Scott Malawski

Our most recent meeting was held on Sunday, March 6, near Chicago, IL.

The fun-filled day started out at the Persky residence where members got to the chance to see an amazing variety of rare music boxes, phonographs, and automatons. Sandy provided lots of great snacks and Marty was a most excellent tour guide.

The 2nd stop along the way was at a wonderful music box and phonograph collection in the Chicago area. Prior to the start of the meeting, members got to talk shop, enjoy a great variety of baked goods, a salad, and a hearty choice of meat and/or vegetarian chili. Here, members had the chance to see an amazing assortment of music boxes, phonographs, and hi-fi tube gear consisting mainly of McIntosh and Marantz components.
2016 Touring the Collection

The WIMAPS meeting was called to order by the president, Margaret Bisberg. The treasurer explained to members the excellent value of our club membership and how the $14 for 2 years is allocated. Members receive 8 Badger Talking Machine newsletters and a 2-year membership certificate. We currently have 80 paid members.
2016 The WIMAPS Meeting
Members were provided with the dates for upcoming phonograph events including Bixfest, the Wayne, NJ show, Stanton’s auction, etc. For details, please consult your latest Badger Talking Machine newsletter. Meeting ideas were also discussed with the possibility of a July meeting at the Donley Auction on the weekend of July 23-24. Another Chicago meeting is planned for November or December. Members liked the idea of having a fall meeting in Grafton, WI, home of Paramount Studios, with a date to be decided.

The group then had a discussion about the possibility of producing our Badger Talking Machine newsletter electronically for posting on the club’s website, along with an archive of back issues. Members like the idea, but logistics still need to be worked out. Stay tuned!

Great events are in the works and we look forward to a fun filled 2016!