03 MaySunday2015

Wisconsin Illinois Musical Antique Phonograph Society Report
by Scott Malawski

Our springtime meeting, hosted by member Mike Laven, was held on Sunday, May3, at his 6,900 square foot Tudor Revival home, located in Milwaukee, WI. It was originally owned by, H. August Luedke and Emma Pritzlaff Luedke and built in 1916 by architect, Alfred Clas.

Prior to the start of the meeting, members got to enjoy Mike’s splendid mansion through a guided tour of each floor. Members really enjoyed each room, which was lavishly decorated with period lighting, furniture and Mike’s extensive phonograph collection. Members also enjoyed a variety of drinks and snacks as they explored all of the eye-candy.
President Margaret Bisberg then called the meeting to order. Our Host, Mike Laven opened the meeting by first congratulating Members Lou & Yvette DePasqua on the marriage, which took place on May 2. He then introduced the great grandson of the original owners, Rich Luedke, whom he invited to join our meeting.

The July 4th meeting will be held at the home of Robin and Joan Rolfs. Members are encouraged to bring a dish to pass and beverage, along with phonograph-related items for sale at the flea market. The Rolfs’ will be hosting a garage sale filled with many horns and other phonograph-related items. President Margaret also announced that Carol Veome, Marty and Sandy Persky, and Margaret Bisberg and Richard Van Metre will all participate in hosting a meeting on Sunday, 9/27 at their homes in the Chicago area. Any other upcoming events will be found in the club’s Badger Talking Machine Newsletter.

Joan and Robin Rolfs reported on the May Stanton Auction. It was an overwhelming auction with a large number of outstanding phonographs sold. Members were treated to a short show and tell discussion, of which member Bob Coon brought an unusual 6” blue celluloid Dictaphone cylinder record. These are quite rare and members were intrigued.

As the meeting came to a close, Rich Luedke spoke to members about how much he really enjoyed the meeting with President Margaret’s leadership and our members enthusiasm for the hobby.

Members then feasted on a variety of hot soups, salads, and meats, generously provided our host. Everyone enjoyed lots of good food and conversation, after which members departed from a fun-filled day.