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RCA PORTABLES OF THE 1930s and 1940s
By Tom Bergen


RCA PORTABLE — 1930s & 1940s

This is a history of RCA Victor portable phonographs produced after Victor Victrola was bought out by RCA in 1929.

I would like to thank OrthoFan, Radio museum, American radio history . com, Steve’s antique technology, Worth point, Pine crest, George Paul, Mulholland Press, and APS. . for the help and information. I have tried to include all known models but I am sure a couple more will appear. I have one unidentified model at the end.

Most of the portables were made by either Birch or the Conley Camera Co. Prior to world war two the colors consisted mostly of 50% black, 35% blue and 15% tan or brown.

I could not find any information on the RCA special order machines as far as diagrams, manuals, or parts list in checking the service manuals from 1932 thru 1946. They were made after 1935 under several configurations and colors designed by John Vasso. John Vasso was employed by RCA and also designed there first TV and several radios. I have a lot of pictures and do not know if they will all post on one posting. Therefore there might be another letter or two.

Tom B

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RCA PORTABLES OF THE 1930s and 1940s Click Here for the Listing – Developed by Tom Bergen.