Join a wonderful presentation by renowned Edison collector and museum trustee Charley Hummel as he shares his phonograph collecting experiences. With over 40 year behind him, Charley provides insight as to how the hobby has evolved and will continue to move forward. In addition to sharing his personal stories, Charley relates his meetings with Thomas Edison’s children and several family stories.

With the assistance of Michael Khanchalian, Charley tells the story of the legendary Columbia Multiplex Grand, long thought lost. He describes the discovery, not only of the most distinctive part of the mechanism, but also the heretofore unknown pieces of a Multiplex Grand cylinder record. Mike performed a remarkable restoration on the cylinder record, the largest phonograph record known, and played a section of the record using the surviving Multiplex Grand mechanism. The assembled group of APS members was among the first to hear the Multiplex Grand cylinder play since its last performance over a century ago.

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