Get two DVD presentations and a 20-cylinder music compilation in this special DVD/CD set! The DVD includes “The Phonograph Reinvented,” a presentation by noted cylinder collector John Levin about CPS1, his new cylinder playback system. The result of years of research and development, John explains how CPS1 delivers superior fidelity and negligible record wear. Then, author Tim Fabrizio presents “The ‘What Ifs’: A Bizarro World History of Recorded Sound,” constructing his own humorous version of what might have happened to both the name of the phonograph and the invention itself with just a few historical revisions. The CD is a wonderful compilation of cylinder records spanning 35 years (1893 – 1927). Produced by John Levin, the transfers were made using CPS1. It includes a booklet of interesting programming notes about each of the selections.  TWO-DISC SET

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